Deanna Tavernier | Chapter Director


Ivette Cortez | Seattle Youth Program Manager

A Chicago native, Ivette has dedicated most of her life to working with underrepresented populations. A first generation daughter of Guatemalan immigrants, she would spend her summers in Guatemala, where she developed a love of learning. In 2016, she learned front-end development and uses her skills to develop a programming curriculum at Holy Family Bilingual School. She is passionate about empowering women, girls, and promoting equity and diversity in tech and hopes to introduce ChickTech to more first generation girls in Seattle.

You can reach Ivette at

High School Team

Aparna Durvasula, Govardhini Pusarla, Chelsea Galvez, Ben Toshio Williamson, Shubha Rajan, Aidiris Rivera, Shama Keskar, Jenny Shaw

ACT-W Planning Committee

Carissa Garnant, Karen Altus, Sarah Gilbert, Tamires Boniolo

Career Program Co-Lead

Aseel Abdullah

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