Tina-Marie Gulley

Tina-Marie Gulley | City Director

 As the City Director Tina-Marie is responsible for providing guidance for the chapter, representing ChickTech within the community, and ensuring that all programs are running sustainably. Professionally, she is an marketing leader and consultant with with expertise in demand generation, digital marketing, content development, social media, PR, sales enablement and market development. She has directed global marketing strategies for tech companies like SmartFocus, Accelerite, Whitepages, Avalara and Concur.

Tina-Marie is passionate about homelessness advocacy/prevention, technology innovation as well as empowering women, youth and communities of color. She is also a member and/or volunteer for New Tech Seattle, HERE Seattle, IAMCP WIT, Levo League and Plymouth House.

You can reach Tina-Marie at Tina-Marie.Gulley@ChickTech.org


Lisa Barbosa | Deputy Director

Lisa started as a workshop and conference volunteer and recently joined the ChickTech leadership team as Deputy Director. Since elementary school Lisa has been volunteering for projects, programs, and organizations that help her community and empower students to excel and pursue their educational and career goals.

After nearly a decade as a stay-at-home mom Lisa earned her degree from the University of Washington and re-entered the workforce as a software engineer. Her journey has inspired her to lead the first two years of the Seattle chapter of TECHWomen at NBC Universal.

Lisa lives in the Pacific Northwest with her daughters.

You can reach Lisa at Lisa.Barbosa@ChickTech.org

Jenny Morgan - Headshot 300x300

Jenny Morgan | Conference and Event Manager

Jenny has been an event planner ever since she was 10 years old, when she planned a surprise anniversary dinner for her parents. After that, she was hooked! Graduating with a BA in Hospitality Administration from Georgia State University, she gained experience in Restaurant and Catering Management and Tradeshow and Conference Management. After moving to Seattle in late 2014, Jenny joined ChickTech to expand her Conference Management expertise and make an impact on the community of women and girls in technology.

When she is not spreading the word about diversity and flexing her event planning muscles, Jenny can be found running, hiking, exploring the PNW, watching the latest movies, and just enjoying life with her husband, two dogs, friends, and family.

You can reach Jenny at Jenny.Morgan@ChickTech.org


Maggie Perkoff | High School Workshop Co-Coordinator

Maggie Perkoff is an enthusiastic software developer who loves natural language processing and computing accessibility.  Her long lasting interest in the tech industry started with a fascination with crossword puzzles, Google translate, and proving wrong her male classmates.

She majored in Computer Science and Linguistics at Haverford College in Pennsylvania prior to moving to Seattle to become a developer for the Amazon Alexa Machine Learning Platform.  She leads the Alexa chapter of Amazon Women in Engineering which aims to create an encouraging environment for female developers and increase diversity for the organization.  Maggie joined the ChickTech leadership team in October 2016 after having such a positive experience at the Act-W conference that she walked up to the table and asked how she could volunteer with them.   As a workshop coordinator, she is trying to expose more young women to STEM fields with the hope that when they go to college they will look around and see more people like themselves in the classroom.

In her free time, Maggie is training for the Seattle Marathon and eating as many chicken wings as possible along the way.  Her computer keyboard is always covered in Dorito dust.  She has a dog named Walnut who likes to eat her socks.

You can reach Maggie at Maggie.Perkoff@ChickTech.org


Neiha Arora | High School Director

Neiha brings 13 years of recruiting and education experience, with a degree in design. She is always striving to bridge the gap between design and engineering through recruiting.

Neiha joined ChickTech in 2017 to continue expanding her experience in education management by promoting opportunities in design and technology for high school girls, through workshops and events.

It’s a great feeling when girls realize how important UX and design is to the process, it gives them a whole new perspective. Its magical to see the results, when they start to realize there are careers outside of development, or how they can blend that knowledge with UX and research.

When she is not ChickTeching and recruiting, you can often find her at design events, cafe hopping, running, hiking, practicing meditation, travelling and experimenting with a new recipe; never a dull moment!

You can reach Neiha at Neiha.Arora@ChickTech.org


Gemini Jain | High School Workshop Manager

As High School Workshop Manager she is responsible for workshop planning and
coordination. Gemini is passionate about robotics and leads our most of robotics workshops.

Originally from India, graduated with Bachelor’s in Electronics, communication Engineering, she always worked for ‘Empowerment of Women’.

You can reach Gemini at Gemini.Jain@ChickTech.org

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Sara Bromling | High School Director

Sara currently works as a Cyber Analyst at an east side start-up. From Edmond’s Community College she obtained ATA’s in both Network Technology and Information Security & Digital Forensics. She is currently pursuing her B.S. in Information Technology with an emphasis in Security from Washington Governors University. She also holds several industry certifications, among them the Compia A+, Net+, ACE, and Cybersecurity Forensic Analyst (CSFA) certification. In her free time, she is an active mentor for the Year Up – Bellevue program, assisting with the WTIA _ion pilot project for Economic Growth, and occasionally does photography and graphic design on the side.

You can reach Sara at Sara.Bromling@ChickTech.org


Rajvir Raheja | Marketing Director

As the Marketing Director, Rajvir is responsible for branding, advertising, program analysis, and fundraising.

As a data driven marketing leader and Senior Fortune 500 business consultant, Rajvir has experience working in a variety of industries and leading global teams. She has worked in both the Public and Private sector in Canada and the USA. Rajvir specialized in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University. She also holds a Masters from the University of Victoria in Mergers & Acquisitions. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Organizational/Leadership studies.

Rajvir is passionate about empowering women in technology, education, and children.

You can reach Rajvir at Rajvir.Raheja@chicktech.org.

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