2018 High School Kickoff

ChickTech: High School is a year-long series of opportunities for 100 young women in the Puget Sound Area, providing hands-on workshops and mentoring.
Each ChickTech: High School year begins with the High School Kickoff, a hands-on technology learning event for 100 high school girls.

2018 High School Kickoff Event

From November 17th-18th, ChickTech will host the 2018 ChickTech High School Kickoff at Code Fellows!

2018 Kickoff Workshop Leads

ChickTech is in need of Workshop Leads who would be willing to teach our girls at the Kick Off event.
In the past we have had workshops in VR, personal website building, robotics, game development, electronic bracelets etc. For more detailed examples, click here! 

If you are interested in leading a workshop, please fill out this form. Also, if you have an idea and would like some help from ChickTech to help craft a workshop, we would be more than happy to! Please reach out to Valerie at valerie.najera@chicktech.org



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